Services We Provide

We offer services in the areas of semi-independent living, half way homes as well as providing a mentoring service to support young people in school. Accommodation and support is provided to young people aged 16 and over in Multiple placement breakdowns. These are caused by a variety of behaviours including violence, arson, self-harm, property damage, enuresis / encopresis, at risk of sexual exploitation or who present sexually predatory behaviour; Children in care who leave placements once they are of school leaving age; Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children aged 16 years and over 16 and 17-year-old young people who present themselves as homeless.

We will support and advocate on the young person’s behalf, this will include carrying out regular pathway review meetings with them and other agencies. Our staff will also work with the young person to ensure that they achieve goals set out in their Pathway Plan such as:

  • Coping with the emotional responsibilities of living independently
  • Recognising the importance of keeping a home
  • Knowing how to access health provisions and look after themselves
  • Encouraging positive activities
  • Considering their well-being, understanding cooking and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Understanding their employment options and being self-sufficient
  • Considering staying in further education or completing training courses
  • Understanding money management such as shopping on a budget and paying bills
  • Knowing where to access a range of support services in and around Nottingham when they live independently

The following packages of support are offered:

  • Low level support
  • Medium level support
  • High level support
  • Intensive support including one to one and overnight stay
  • Emergency placements
  • Emergency residential short break care
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